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Yael Group

Since 1988, Yael has been planning and organizing tours to Israel.  We provide a complete tour experience (including travel, meals, accommodations and special activities) tailored to meet the needs of each group that travels with us. Our customized itineraries include a variety of unique experiences and travel opportunities.

With Yael, you can relax and leave the details to us, which means you’re free to experience and enjoy all the Holy Land has to offer.

Why we’ll make your trip to Israel meaningful and memorable…

Israel-based – With our main offices in Haifa, Israel, our staff and personnel know the country well. When we talk about the land and its history, it’s our land and our history. Your group will share in this knowledge and passion.

Experienced – Our Israeli parent company “Zukey Yeelim – Yael Tours” has been planning and organizing tours to Israel since 1988, with services ranging from accommodations and catering to transportation and special activities. Our knowledge and long track record of success means you can relax and experience all that the Holy Land has to offer and leave the details to us.

Variety of tour packages – Our experienced Israeli staff and tour guides let us create better and more customized programs tailored to fit each group that travels with us. For your group members, this translates into a unique and very personal Israel experience.


Flexibility to create custom tour packages – Integral to our approach in designing group tours is accommodating the personal interests of the group’s members. Some examples of personalized itineraries include: the Incense Route and the secrets of Petra, business travel to Tel Aviv’s hi-tech companies, outdoor workshops by retired Israeli army officers, Jewish meditation and Kabbalah, Druze cooking workshops (which feature hospitality in a Druze village), Christian pilgrimages of all denominations, and hiking along Jesus’ trails.  We have the experience to make your trip tailored to you!

Friendly, highly professional staff – Meeting our clients’ needs is a top priority for us and we strive to make the planning process as easy as possible for clients and prospective clients. Our staff, both in the United States and in Israel, is highly trained and each staff member works diligently to maximize the group’s enjoyment during the tour.

High satisfaction rates – We are committed to continuous improvement in our programs, our service, and our professional personnel. This results in high levels of client satisfaction and repeated use of our tour services year-to-year by many of our clients.

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